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Jun 12 / admin

colourful places & spaces

-cinque terre, italy

like this color ref. website:

Plenty of Colour – inspiration devoted to colour

Jun 3 / admin

The Human Factor

Computerzeichnungen 02-06/2007
Jun 3 / admin

Aymara —Type

Project by:  Place

Jun 3 / admin

Inspirational Infographic of the Perfect Drink

By:  Fabio Rex

another infographic site:

Apr 26 / admin

Typographic Posters

By:  pi6

Apr 26 / admin

Superheroes / No Primary Colours

By:  Dimitris Polychroniadis

Apr 16 / admin

VW Polo @Lookatme

Evgeny Kiselev

Apr 15 / admin

Connections With Nature

Illustration and Bicycle Bel  for «DING-DONG!» exhibition.

By:  Lesha Galkin, Dopludo Collective

Apr 8 / admin

100 Days

by Jessica Svendsen in which she created daily variations of Josef Müller-Brockmann’s excellent Beethoven concert poster.

Apr 5 / admin

Mental disorder posters

Posted in Adapt
by:  Patrick